Although essential in the hiring process, Employment Verifications only paint a partial picture of a candidate. A Professional Reference Interview allows employers to gain a broader understanding of who their Applicant is beyond the application. Our researchers speak with the people who know your Applicant best; past co-workers, colleagues, and supervisors, revealing insight into an Applicant’s work ethics, reliability, trustworthiness, integrity, accomplishments and more.

In order to accommodate a variety of hiring options, Mega Group Online offers three comprehensive Professional Reference Interviews. Each interview is tailored to suit our client’s needs and can be customized to fit any hiring position. Further, follow up interviews with “developed” references can be conducted upon request.

Standard Interview
Our Standard Interview is an extension of our Employment Verification. Interviewers obtain verbal verification of Applicant’s prior positions held, reason for separation, eligibility for re-hire, as well as employee characteristics.

Expanded Interview
The Expanded Interview is tailored to be used for Management level positions. In addition to the questions asked in our Standard Interview, interviewers inquire about the Applicant’s managerial qualifications and skills.

Comprehensive Interview
The Comprehensive Interview is suited to Executive level positions. A combination of our Standard and Expanded Interview, the Comprehensive Interview includes specific questions pertaining to executive capabilities and qualifications.

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Did you know?

34% of all application forms contain outright lies about experience, education, and ability to perform essential functions on the job.

Wall Street Journal, 2003